Scalia Sicilian Anchovies

Scalia Sicilian Anchovies

The Fish Industry Conserviera Benedetto Scalia was born in Sciacca – Sicily – in 1973. The city is a terrace overlooking the splendid Mediterranean sea.

Its sea, particularly rich in fish, is mainly suited to bluefish fishing, especially anchovies and sardines.

The great abundance of this type of fish has led to the proliferation of many small farms for the production of salted sardines, salted anchovies and anchovy fillets.

Scalia brings to the table the delights and scents of the Sicilian Sea.

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The Scalia Sicilian Anchovies are processed just fished and by hand as per tradition. In this way the fish remains soft and tasty, with exceptional nutritional qualities.

Scalia Sicilian Anchovies


The real gold of the Sicilian sea, Scalia has been working on it since 1973 in the same way: the only product they use for its processing is salt.

Scalia Sicilian Anchovies

Anchovy sauce

Scalia Anchovy Sauce is a transparent amber-coloured sauce that is produced by a traditional anchovy maturation process in a solution of water and salt.

Scalia Sicilian Anchovies

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