Our Team

Our CEO and Founder

meet our team - CEO

Our Founder Totuccio Castiglione is a hands-on CEO with expertise in business development,  sales of charcuterie products, cheeses and other Italian specialities.

Totuccio was born in Sicily, Italy – where he enjoyed a traditional rural upbringing. He developed his commercial skills at a very young age helping in the family wood-fired bakery and continued to progress after moving to the UK, where the family opened an Italian restaurant.

With over 35 years’ experience in the F&B industry, he started working as a sales executive for a subsidiary of a renowned Italian food producer. Within his first decade in the business, he successfully developed a portfolio of retail and wholesale customers selling Italian products from some of the most prestigious brands in the sector. Having established a strong reputation in the market, he progressed his career becoming UK exclusive agent for Italian manufacturers supplying major traders in UK.

Through strategic foresight, drive and determination, he built a strong foundation for his own successful company. Cibosano Ltd was founded in 2003, importing high quality Italian Charcuterie and by expanding its range it began its journey in supplying wholesalers, specialist retailers and foodservice operators across the UK.

Today Cibosano stands out as one of the UK’s leading importers of authentic Italian food and beverages with a reputation synonymous with quality and service! Its expertise and superior standards make Cibosano the supplier of choice for the discerning customer.

Our Operations & Logistics Manager

Our Operations & Logistics Manager, Antonio (better known as Tony), plays a key role in our company and as a family member, he is very passionate in supervising the distribution processes and overseeing the supply chain management to ensure that deliveries are executed timely and accurately.

 Antonio joined the family business at the young age of 23, receiving goods in and picking orders, while his father Totuccio was doing what he does best… selling Italian Charcuterie and Cheeses.

 “I always remember as a child that my father’s dream was to start his own company, importing Italian food products to England, mainly cured meats and fresh cheeses. He said time after time – ‘when you grow up, you will have a company bringing Italian food products to the UK’. The dream came true and Cibosano Ltd was founded.”

 The business grew rapidly through the years while Antonio gained experience across all the company departments; from going out for deliveries to picking and packing as well as office duties. For a few years he was also responsible for visiting clients and taking orders, a great opportunity for him to promote the wide range of products distributed by Cibosano. As workload increased in the office and logistically, Antonio moved back full time to the office to oversee order processing and telesales.

 As the Operations and Logistics Manager, Antonio is responsible for all distribution, maintenance, safety and order management. With great dedication and responsibility, he carries out his role in the most efficient way and with staff and clients always in mind.


Our Marketing and Digital Ecommerce Manager

Our Manager of the Marketing and Digital Ecommerce department, Luisa Ingoglia comes with a vast and solid experience in customer care and client servicing, in the field of marketing, sales, banking and hospitality.

She comes from Marsala, Sicily, well known for its desserts wine, couscous and typical pasta busiate. She shares the same passion of authentic Italian food and beverage, as Cibosano. In 2013, she moved to London to launch a successful Italian Regional restaurant and being a consultant, specialised in Events, Online Retail and Business services.

At Cibosano, Luisa is responsible for overseeing our social media, newsletters, website, CRM and events. She supports our Sales team in organising corporate bespoke events and services, finding the best solutions to promote our brands in the UK market.

She also overlooks at all the Marketing activities for Fratelli Camisa, our online Italian deli for direct consumers.

Luisa will contribute to the re-branding and restyle of our digital systems, to keep up with digital trends, in particular after the pandemic evolution.


Our Account Manager

Our Account Manager Giuliana Martuscelli has been a member of the Cibosano Sales Team for 4 years now and has been very loyal to both the company and the customers. As a sales professional with extensive experience in both the retail and hospitality industries, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the Italian food sector.

By understanding the customer’s core needs, she delivers a consistent, reliable and accurate service, always happy to answer any questions the clients may have.

Giuliana is delivering a very high level of service to her clients, with great enthusiasm and competence.

Please feel free to reach out to Giuliana for more product specifications or if you want to open a trade account with us.